Eye Care

Taking care of the eyes should be a high priority for anyone that would like to retain their vision into old age. There are many environmental factors that can do damage to the eyes and a person’s vision, but there are also forms of eye wear that can reduce or eliminate the chances of optical problems. Understanding the risks that are present in different situations will help a person be better informed about when using a form of eye wear is a good idea.

In work situations, there are many times when a person may come into contact with materials that can damage the eyes. However, many jobs that require a person to be in these situations will provide the adequate protection in the form of safety glasses, also known as goggles. Particularly, certain chemicals used in working with wood or in chemistry settings will need to be avoided. In addition, the use of heavy machinery can send particles towards the eyes, thus necessitating the wearing of goggles. Some people also choose to wear safety glasses when they engage in sports, such as swimming and bicycle riding.

The most present danger to the eyes is simply found outside. The ultraviolet rays that come from the sun have been proven to cause sight problems over time, but these rays can be avoided by wearing certain types of sunglasses. In choosing the right pair, a person should look for eyeglasses that have protection against both UVA and UVB rays as well as high energy visible light. Pairs of sunglasses that provide this type of protection will be clearly marked. To increase the level of safety, a person should choose sunglasses that allow only a minimal amount of stray light to reach the area of the eyes.

There are also situations that are dangerous because they add additional strain to the eyes, such as reading or using a computer for extended periods of time. In the former case, there are many different styles of reading glasses with various levels of magnification to make reading easier and present less of a danger to the sight ability of the person. In most cases, a person will not need a pair of prescription reading glasses, but can find a pair with the suitable adjustment already made.

For a person that would like to add a sense of style to their eye wear, there are many designer lines of optical frames that can be purchased. These frames vary from cheap plastic glasses to frames that use the latest lightweight metals in their construction to lessen the burden in wearing them. In addition, accessories can complement the look of the glasses, leaving the person well protected and in style at the same time.